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We Accepts

Biological Insights accepts Insights, Research Articles, Reviews, Mini-Reviews and Short Communications.

Working Fields

Agricultural & Food Biotechnology, Bioinformatics & System Biology, Bioprocess Engineering, Entomology, Environmental Biotechnology and more


Biological Innovations Research & Development Society (BIRDS) established in 2015 is one of the reputed scientific organizations of the country.


We aims to achieve global excellence in scientific technical education, research and training to improve the lives of individuals..


We are committed to create opportunities of gainful self-employment, enriched environment for skill development.

About Us

About Journal

Biological Insights (ISSN: 2456-7604) is the official publication of the Biological Innovation Research and Developmental Society (BIRDS) and is edited by an international group of eminent researchers. Biological Insights is a biannual open access journal that provides a modern and multidisciplinary international forum for insights, original research on all aspects of Biological Sciences. The journal publishes Insights, original research papers, review papers, research reports, short communications and letters relevant to the researchers on related fields. The Biological Insights maintains a high quality peer review where submissions are considered on the basis of scientific validity and technical quality. Special issues are invited and published on regular basis to reflect topics of particular international scientific interest and concern.

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Our fields

Agricultural and Food Biotechnology

Plant biotechnology, tools for marker assisted breeding, improved transformation approaches, host-pathogen interactions for pest control. Improved quantification assays, food safety.

Bioinformatics & Systems Biology

Molecular bioinformatics, Bioinformatics analysis tool development, Use of transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics applications. Function of biological systems at the molecular, cellular or organismal level, the engineering of biological systems, network modeling, quantitative analyis and the integration of different levels of information.

Bioprocess Engineering

The design, simulation, experimental testing/validation and economic evaluation of novel processes using biotechnological approaches, their products or devices.

Environmental Biotechnology

Biodiversity, bioremediation, geomicrobiology, biofuel sources, energy crop production processes, bioenergy processes and utilization, biorefineries and bioseparation, biosensors and bioanalysis.

Industrial Biotechnology, Biofuels and Bioenergy

Biobased industrial and environmental products and processes, Developments of the emerging global bioeconomy, including biobased production of energy and fuels, chemicals, materials, and consumer goods. Production of e.g. platform chemicals from renewable resources.

Animal Biotechnology

Pathology, microbiology, parasitology, physiology, pharmacology,animal genetics and breeding, animal reproduction and nutrition. Advances in boosting animal production, nutritional strategies, improving growth and production, genetic improvement, embryo biotechnology.

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Next generation sequencing, human genome & epigenetics, molecular diagnostics, drug discovery and production of biopharmaceuticals, tissue engineering,cancer markers & therapeutics, metabolic and infectious diseases and molecular characterization of viral, bacterial and parasitic infections.


Microbial Systematics, Evolutionary Microbiology, Microbial Ecology, Environmental Microbiology, Microbial Genetics, Genomics, Molecular Biology, Microbial Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbial Pathogenesis, Host-Microbe Interaction, Systems Microbiology, Synthetic Microbiology.

Molecular Biology, Cell and Tissue Engineering and Synthetic biology

Genetic engineering, expression of genomic information in cellular and cell-free systems, molecular design and evolution.


Nanotechnologies for biology and medicine, biosensors based on nanoscale devices, detection and analysis of biomolecules.

Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine

Embryonic stem cells, pluripotency, germline stem cells, tissue-specific stem cells, stem cell differentiation, epigenetics, stem cell genomics and systems biology, genome reprogramming, cancer stem cells, stem cell niches, stem-cell-based disease models, nuclear transfer technology, bioengineering, drug discovery, in vivo imaging of stem cells, therapeutic applications and more.


Clinical Toxicology, Toxicity, Microbial Toxins, Insect toxins, Excitotoxicity, Mycotoxin, Drug Reactions, Toxin, Molecular Toxicology, Applied Toxicology, Neuro Toxicology, Aquatic Toxicology, Inhalation Toxicology, Food Toxicology, Experimental Toxicology, Occupational Toxicology, Veterinary Toxicology, Genetic Toxicology.


Biological Insights covers all aspects of Biotechnology particularly those reports that are useful and informative and that will be of value to other researchers in related fields.

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Manuscript Submission

For submission of manuscript in the journal authors are requested to mail the manuscript along with 3 reviewers details.

Type of articles

Acceptable papers type are insights, research articles, reviews, mini- reviews, and short communications.

Publishing Ethics

If the work involves the use of human subjects, the author should ensure that the work described.